Sony users both rejoice and anguish with the release of the new Sony a99ii, Sony a6500, and Sony RX100 V.

Sony a99ii

Long await successors and features finally make it, but just after everyone's already purchased the predecessors? Ouch!

A-Mount users sit day in day out, wondering if there'll ever be the a99ii. Many start switching to Nikon and Canon cameras, and Sony doesn't give any road maps - the most we ever get from Sony is that they haven't stopped supporting the a-mount system. Alas, years go by and many more continue to waver off.

Lo and behold, the Sony a99ii is released - everything the Sony a7R II is, but in a bigger body with less problems.

For those who don't know already of what is available on the Sony a7R II, that's upgraded from the Sony a99 into the Sony a99ii, here's a basic run down:

Faster AF and higher bursts speeds, with greater AF accuracy thanks to Sony's 4D Focus

Sony 4D Focus

This is all possible due to the new 79 Hybrid Cross AF points which litter the screen, allowing AF tracking, AF in dark scenes, and Eye AF

And thanks to the Backside Illuminated Sensor (BSI Sensor), we can capture all this in beautiful detail, both in 42.4MP resolution stills, and beautiful 4K video footage

Sony BSI Sensor

This would all be very difficult to pull off though if it wasn't for Sony's 5-axis image stabilisation, giving you the shot you want, wherever you want, however you want, along with Sony's fully articulating screen

Sony 5-Axis Image Stabilisation

Now, this has everyone excited, but not everyone is into the big DSLRs anymore. Many love the mirrorless camera system, thus the release of the a6500 and RX100 V were only naturally, but also unexpected.

Having just released the Sony a6300 and Sony RX100 IV, this was a sucker punch to the gut. It's what they should have been, but weren't. Nonetheless, they're very much the same as their predecessors, however, with a few upgrades: larger buffer for shooting continuous photos, 5 axis image stabilisation, and a touchscreen

Sony a6500 Upgrades - buffer, stabilisation, touchsreen

And with the RX100 V, it's a general upgrade of everything: faster processor, bigger buffer, longer slowmo videos, etc

Sony RX100 V Upgrades

Now, if only they can do the same upgrades of the RX100 V for the Sony RX10 II and add a touchscreen like the a6500, Sony RX10 IV, I'll be a happy camper and day one purchase for me.

If they upgraded the RX10 IV sensor to a micro four third (MFT) sensor, Sony RX20, call me a Sony fanboy all you want, but there's no denying that that camera will be beast!