Remember the days of when Samsung made fun of Apple iPhones for their small screen? Out came the iPhone 6. Now, Apple is at it again, bringing big screen in small handsets. What we're looking at is an edge to edge OLED design that will make your phone look big, regardless of it's actual size.

Apple iPhone 8 Concept

No official details have been released yet of the iPhone 8, but rumors have been gathered, and expectations have been made.

As mentioned already, the edge to edge will be something quite different and new. To put this into perspective, imagine the size of a 4.7" iPhone, nice, portable, easy to hold, but with a screen size of a 5.5" iPhone, big and crystal clear. To do this, the touch ID fingerprint sensor and front facing camera will possibly be built right into the display, possible via a flexible plastic OLED screen. Here's where details getting a little interesting. There's possibly going to 3 designs, a standard 4.7" and 5.5" iPhone with LCD screens, where the edge to edge OLED screen will be a 5" 'premium' model. This will give users of various budgets greater accessibility to Apple's iPhone 8.

Projected iPhone 8 Design

As always, we'll be looking at a faster processor, most likely a 10 nanometer A11 chip, most likely carrying over the dual cameras and water resistance from the iPhone 7, and possibly include wireless charging. We're looking at an IP68 water resistance rating, and when not charging wirelessly, we may be switching over to the USB C port instead - it only makes sense to use something universal (or soon to be anyways).

Apple will make use of these upgrades to ensure current features of the iPhone 7 series are enhanced; camera, functionality, performance, battery, hopefully we'll see something stats to be more excited for.

To make the design sleek, Apple is rumored to move away from aluminium bodies, and go back to the glass coverings from the days if the iPhone 4s. A reason for this is due to the wireless charging, for the inductive charging to work through magnetic coils. Something you may also notice in the premium model is that the home button is gone, and replaced with a 'function area'. Again, relating to the possibility that the touch ID is built into the screen, or even yet, facial recognition, as another new feature for iPhones.

Finally, the the bane of iPhones, storage space. There's still no card slot, but it would seem that Apple will be trying to give its users ample storage space with 64GB and 256GB capacities - finally, 256GB may just be enough.

Well, there you have it, another year, another iPhone. The iPhone 8 looks to be very interesting, but will it be revolutionary? Only time will tell.