Wow, it's been almost a year since I last posted - time has flown by, but also boy oh boy, having a baby around the house is busy work.

Nevertheless, still alive and kicking.

I've recently just ordered in some stock for some new motorcycle headsets, the Freedconn T-MAX. Now there's quite the range of headsets available, so I thought it'd be a good chance to break down and introduce the different models I have, as to help you pick the right one for yourself.

Freedconn T-MAX Bluetooth Motorcycle Headset


So to list it out; I have the standard Freedconn Bluetooth Motorcycle Headset with the next one up being the Freedconn Colo. Advancing further, we have the Freedconn T-MAX, and finally, top of the range, the Freedconn T-Rex.

So first up, the standard headset.

Freedconn Bluetooth Motorcycle Headset

It is simply that. Riders will know how boring a long ride can be on the day to day basis. If you need access to your phone also, it can be a hassle stopping, getting off, and making/receiving the call. This headset is its purest form, allowing you to take and make calls, whilst also livening up your ride with FM radio to enjoy. If you have a pillion passenger or another rider alongside also, this makes communcation between the two of you simple and convenient.

An LCD version of this is also available for those who want a visual display of the headset status.


Let's say you enjoy or do a number of long rides, road tripping, adventuring. Stepping in is the Freedconn Colo.

Freedconn Colo Bluetooth Motorcycle Headset

An upgrade from the standard headset, this gives you a little more functionality.

The Colo is able to connect to your phone's media and stream your own music, for the times when you're in the middle of nowhere and the radio doesn't work. It can also connect to GPS units to stream navigation instructions to you. To make this convenient, the Colo supports the Freedconn L3 Remote, which allows you to accept calls and control your headset without lifting your hands off the handle bar.

Lastly, the Colo adds additional support for a 3rd rider, however, it's only 1 to 1 communcations, so you'll be switching between intercoms a lot if you're talking a lot - unfortunately the remote does not have that feature.


We're starting to see the usefulness of these bluetooth headsets now are we? Well, next time, the Freedconn T-MAX.

Freedconn T-MAX Bluetooth Motorcycle Headset

Freedconn is essentially trying to go all out with this, by doing what the Colo does, but to the max, allowing 6 riders with full duplex, talking all at once. The T-MAX really becomes a useful tool, where it can entertain you on your rides, whether the daily commute or the weekend adventure, and start bringing larger groups together.

The rugged design makes it great for other applications also like dirt biking and ATV.

For those with 2 phones, the T-MAX can connect to both, making this very handy for those who have work phones also.


And finally, you'd think they've maxed out already, but no, they have their long running, highly popular model, the Freedconn T-Rex.

Freedconn T-Rex Bluetooth Motorcycle Headset

Just as the MAX was an upgrade from the Colo, the T-Rex is an upgrade from the MAX. It does what the MAX does, but adds another 2 riders to your group, totaling 8 riders who can simultaneously talk with one another at the same time.

Other than that, what other feature can they add? For those who are especially akin to their music, the T-Rex uses a standard 3.5mm audio port, allowing you to use your own headphones.


And that just about breaks down the various models that we have to offer. Depending on your needs, or what you want, hopefully this will help you decide on a suitable model to your budget.

So head on over to the Bluetooth Motorcycle Headset section and get one for yourself today.