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Before becoming a Latter-day saint (Mormon), I had grown up Buddhist with my family. Became agnostic as I went through my high school years, and one day just felt that there had to be something more, ie. this Jesus Christ fella seems to hit a chime. I had friends, a boss, and a tutor, who were of Christian and Catholic backgrounds. Learning from them, I had unanswered questions. One day the missionaries approached me, and that's when the conversion slowly began. Questions were answered, but ultimately, the only way to know if I was on the right path, was to pray. 

I asked God if the Bible was complete, if I needed to continue searching for the correct Christian church, but received no answer. Upon asking if the Book of Mormon supports the Bible and helps complete the gospel, I received my answer.

I was baptised into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on the 11th of May 2008, later served a mission from the 29th of February 2012 to May of 2014 in Cambodia and Vietnam. I was sealed to my wife Jessica in the Manilla Philippines Temple on the 3rd of December 2014 and currently to my best to live the Lord's gospel and serve his children. 

I am grateful for the missionaries who found me, who shared the gospel with me, thankful for the opportunity I had to then serve a mission and share the restored gospel, and now blessed to be able to live it.

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