Hung and Thuy have known each other for a while and it's finally time to tie the knot. They may be older than many, but as they always say, "it's never too late".

We went out for the day to shoot some engagement photos which was a lot of fun for everyone. We stayed mostly around the entrance area of Hầm Thủ Thiêm (Thu Thiem Tunnels) and opposite side of Saigon River from Ho Chi Minh City.

Engagement Shoot - Hung and Thuy

I used my trusty Sony a65 and 28-75mm Lens

15_07_hung_thuy_01.JPG 15_07_hung_thuy_02.JPG 15_07_hung_thuy_03.JPG

15_07_hung_thuy_04.JPG 15_07_hung_thuy_05.JPG 15_07_hung_thuy_06.JPG

15_07_hung_thuy_07.JPG 15_07_hung_thuy_08.JPG 15_07_hung_thuy_09.JPG

15_07_hung_thuy_10.JPG 15_07_hung_thuy_11.JPG 15_07_hung_thuy_12.JPG

15_07_hung_thuy_13.JPG 15_07_hung_thuy_14.JPG 15_07_hung_thuy_15.JPG

15_07_hung_thuy_16.JPG 15_07_hung_thuy_17.jpg