With Liberals keeping their government, their NBN approach has both people excited and frustrated. Why? Because we're finally getting NBN, but it's not at its full potential. What does this mean? As always, we're still behind, somewhat.


But among all this, do we really need NBN? Yes, for futureproofing and because it'll be beneficial. However, is NBN overrated? That's tough to say.

The long awaiting Canon 5D Mark IV was finally released last week - the upgrade from the Canon 5D Mark III that many users had been waiting for.

Canon 5D Mark IV

It's finally available to us and will be brought in upon first customer order. Please note that the initial order will take 2 weeks to arrive and you'll receive it shortly after.

We also have other great cameras available, the Canon XC10, Canon G5X, and Canon G7XII Camera, so order yours now!

Steptember is here, and for those who don't know what Steptember is, it's a goal to raise awareness and funds for cerebral palsy research through a goal of walking 10,000 steps a day.


All funds and donations raised to go Cerebral Palsy Alliance in their research to find ways to prevent cerebral palsy. If you'd like to donate and help support this research, click here to make a donation.

For those who don't know what cerebral palsy is, in short, cerebral palsy is a physical disability that affects movement and posture. To find out more, click here.

if you're interested in joining in the 10,000 steps challenge, sign up now at Steptember to order in your pedometer and start walking.

They're in!

Awesome new speakers from HolySmoke,

speakers from ION Audio,

lighting from MiPOW,

a sporting coach from Moov,

smartphone accessories from NOMAD,

and power banks from Smartoools.

Click on the above links to go straight to them and check them out now!

Smartoools Battery Bank

With the release of the Apple iPhone 7 this past weekend, stores and phone outlets everywhere would have been packed full of Apple users just waiting to get their hands on their shiny new smartphone.

We may not have the iPhone 7 available for sale, but we do have car cradles available.

iPhone 7

So head on over to our shop to order your very own iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and iPhone 7 Pro, car cradles.

All in One Computers are a great way of saving space whilst providing you with all the computing needs you have.

They're convenient, powerful, and easy to move around when needed also.

We've got some really nice AIO computers in store from Dell, HP, and Lenovo, so get your own convenient all in one computer now!

Lenovo S400z All in One Computer

Just because the financial year is over, doesn't mean the discounts should! It's still on!

We'll be getting more stock of everything soon, but we still have some final remaining stocks to go, from our cameras to gaming computers, so take advantage of the low prices before they're gone!

Acer Predator G3 Computer - Qty 5

Acer Predator G9 Laptop - Qty 1

Canon EF-S 50mm Lens - Qty 4

Canon EOS 6D + 24-105mm Lens Bundle - Qty 1

Canon EOS 70D DSLR Body - Qty 1

Canon EOS 70D + 18-135mm Lens Bundle - Qty 1

Canon EOS 750D DSLR Body - Qty 1

Canon EOS 750D + 18-135mm Lens - Qty 1

Canon EOS 80D DSLR Body - Qty 1

Canon EOS 80D + 18-135mm Lens Bundle - Qty 1

Canon MT-24 EX Macro Twin Lite - Qty 1

Stock quantities are as of 01/07/2016. During customer's time of shopping, stock quantities may differ.